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Funding Sources

The Florida Department of Children and Families provides funding for substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment for adolescents and adults. The Substance Abuse Program Office develops and implements strategies designed to reduce the incidence of drug abuse for individuals and families at risk or affected by substance abuse.


The Central Florida Behavioral Health Network is the managing entity for the Department of Children and Families and provides funding for substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment for adolescents and adults.


The Florida Department of Corrections provides funding for substance abuse treatment, educational, employment and housing services for adult offenders.

The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County provides funding to promote stable functioning among families by reducing the negative impact of substance abuse. Services include child development screenings and on site day care services, assessments, screenings, treatment, and family case management services. Special emphasis is placed on providing parenting education and supportive services to ensure family systems that support recovery, healthy children and the delivery of substance free infants.


The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners provides funding for substance abuse prevention, education, intervention and treatment programs including court ordered residential treatment for adult offenders, outpatient counseling for adolescents and adults, drug prevention programming, and food bank services.


The City of Tampa provides funding for substance abuse prevention and treatment services for adolescents and adults who reside in the City of Tampa and meet low income guidelines. The Community Development Block Grant Program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the source of this funding.


 Provides funding for on site Adult Education and Supportive Services for individuals in treatment. The Adult Education program includes instruction to increase reading, math and financial literacy skills allowing individuals to acquire their GED, pursue on-site vocational training through the Culinary Training program, or obtain support to search for jobs in the area and gain training on how to search and interview for available employment opportunities. The Supportive Services programming provides individual and group counseling, drug education, coordination of treatment for existing medical/health problems, family, marital and parenting guidance, life skills training, anger/stress management coping skills, grievance and behavioral problem resolution, continued counseling and support services after treatment.


Provides funding for counseling and related services at the Alternative School locations throughout Hillsborough County. Support is also provided for onsite delivery of educational classes and basic skills standardized testing to clients in specific treatment programs.