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General Information

Welcome to our Community Education webpage.  We developed this page to provide you basic information about current national and state trends regarding prescription abuse and information about commonly abused chemicals. You will also find general consumer information about substance use prevention and treatment. Although we as a community have had some success with the issue of substance abuse, there is more work ahead for all of us to protect our family members and our community. We hope this information will aide members of our community with understanding their role in reducing the risk of adolescent substance use or what to do for aging family member to prevent abuse/misuse of prescription drugs.

For many chronic substance abusers, the road to addiction begins in adolescence. Some parents find adolescence a difficult period during which they are unsure how to effectively communicate with their child or how to set limits. Click to viewa helpful video on adolescent brain development and use. There are also seven survival tips for parents to help parents balance the desire to give their teenage children some independence with the parental role of guidance and setting boundaries. Not all adolescents engage in substance use, and many who do will not become chronic substance abusers. There are however many adolescents that will not realize their full potential due to addiction or involvement in our legal system, as a result of early use of illegal or controlled substances. For those families that seek treatment services, it is important to understand principles of effective treatment and why adolescent treatment is different from adult treatment. Parents and positive adult role models remain the # 1 anti-drug factor in any child’s life. By setting and communicating healthy beliefs and clear standards, you become a protective factor.

Our goal is to provide information that increases your awareness of the impact of prescription drug abuse and other drugs of abuse. More importantly, we hope your awareness of the impact drug abuse can have on you, your family and your community has been increased. Hopefully we have also educated you as a consumer on ways to protect your family and the value of treatment. Over time, the type of substances abused and the method of abuse will vary. We have included a list of resources on drugs of abuse. These sites provide current information on the latest research and survey data available at the national and state level. An educated public is a key component in our community effort to prevent substance abuse. The decision to seek treatment can be difficult. Fortunately there are several treatment providers in our community that offer effective residential and/or outpatient treatment programs. For more information on treatment providers in Hillsborough County please go to http://www.211atyourfingertips.org.