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Getting Help

We know it takes courage and strength to ask for help to address the disease of addiction. Our medical approach acknowledges that addiction is a disease much like diabetes or high cholesterol and provides treatment in much the same fashion. Our team assesses all of the factors underlying the diseases, develops an individual treatment plan and provides the appropriate services and support necessary for lifelong recovery. Remember recovery is never out of reach!

As with all diseases there are many steps to recovery. These steps often include:

1. Making the decision to change

2. Making a decision to seek treatment

3. Making a decision to reach out for support from close friends, family, and finding new activities/support groups

4. Finding healthy ways to cope with stress

5. Avoiding people, places and things that may trigger unhealthy behaviors and choices

6. Doing things that are enjoyable and provide a sense of involvement and feeling needed

Our approach provides not only treatment for addiction but also treatment for any other medical or psychological issues associated with the disease.  In many cases, drug use stems from an attempt to self-medicate. It is well recognized that the best chance of recovery is through integrated treatment for both the substance abuse problem and the mental health problem. That is why our treatment team of medical and clinical professionals are trained to address the medical, mental health and addiction treatment needs of our clients all under one roof!

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