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Let us help you with a safe and controlled withdrawl period.

Walk-In Assessments

We offer detox specific walk-in medical assessments, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., no appointment necessary at 4422 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL 33605.  Please bring a valid photo ID and insurance card.

Medically Managed Withdrawal Management
Our all new Detox Facility opened in May 2013.  It's discreet location behind our main campus allows privacy for our clients and their families.  We treat men and women, including pregnant women, over the age of 18.  Our detoxification process is supported and monitored by full-time DACCO medical physicians who are board certified in Addiction Medicine, along with 24-hour nursing care.  Our staff are skilled in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and ensure a safe and controlled withdrawal period.  Detoxification is the first step towards abstinence, and DACCO’s physicians will tailor specific treatment recommendations based on the needs of each client.

DACCO's Drug or Alcohol Detox Offers:

    · 13-bed private, confidential facility in a healthy, smoke-free environment

    · New, modern facility

    · Campus includes butterfly garden, outside porch and picnic areas

    · Addiction specific detox that can address co-occurring disorders

    · Full-time physicians, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

    · Introduction to 12-Steps and spirituality

    · Educational groups and sessions to start the recovery process

· Individualized treatment that maps out the next step for each patient

Most Insurance Accepted; Self-Pay Option is a
$700 daily rate per client with a 3 day minimum up front ($2100); Self-Pay Private Room Option (when available) is $1140 daily with a 3 day minimum up front ($3420).  

The staff at DACCO is happy to work with hospitals, private treatment centers, and physicians who want to refer their patients for detox only.

24-Hour Detox Desk for Hospitals and Referrals: (813) 384-4221
Our detox facility is open 24-hours a day, every day.

Photos below of our Detox Facility located near our main campus at 4424 East Columbus Drive in Tampa, FL
DACCO Detox Front Porch Detox Private Building