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Friends and Family Information

 As a friend or family member of someone with a drug or alcohol addiction, you have likely been affected by their struggles. For that reason, we would like to recommend attending an Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meeting for support. For over 50 years, Al-Anon/Nar-Anon (which includes Alateen for younger members) has been offering hope and help to families and friends of alcoholics. To find a meeting, call 1-888-425-2666 (Al-Anon) or 1-800-477-6291 (Nar-Anon) or visit http://tampabayalanon.org/ or http://nar-anon.org.

The Weekly Nar-Anon Meeting at DACCO is on
Wednesday Evenings at 6 p.m. at our Main Campus (4422 E. Columbus Drive - Tampa/Room A-143).  Please arrive early, as no late admission is permitted.

We recognize that having visitors is an important component in treatment.  Visitation is considered a privilege and we have different requirements for men versus women attending our program. These will be discussed with you as you enter the program.  However in order to visit clients, friends and family members must attend the scheduled meetings prior to visitation.

Womens Residential Treatment (WRT)
WRT allows visitation after a client has been in residential treatment for one week and passes the “Buddy Test.”

Visitation Days:
-  Saturday from 2-4pm (visitors must attend Friends and Family group from 1-2pm)
-  Monday from 8-9pm (visitors must attend Friends and Family group from 7-8pm)
-  Wednesday from 5-6pm (visitors must attend Al-Anon from 6-7pm).


Mens Residential Treatment (Quest House Campus)
No visitation for the resident's first 2 weeks (orientation phase).

Visitation Days:
Saturday (last names A - L) & Sunday (last names M - Z)
-  Mandatory family education group at 1pm. Recommend arrival by 12:45, no late admissions permitted
-  Visitation from 2-3:30p after the group