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FIRST TIME CALLERS: 1 (813) 384-4000
Items to bring
  • Bring no more than six (6) semi-casual, neat and presentable outfits, (shirt/pant combo is considered an outfit), and one (1) dress-up outfit.  NOTE: We ask that clothing not be revealing, clingy or seductive.
  • Under clothing (Females must wear bras).
  • Sleeping apparel (tee-shirt and gym shorts, pajamas, gowns)
  • Shoes, no more than four (4) pairs, including one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of shower shoes.  (Shower shoes must be worn in the bathroom/shower area at all times.)
  • Drivers License or Florida Identification Card and Social Security Card
  • Social Security Card (or receipt showing card has been applied for)
  • A thirty-day supply of medication (if you cannot bring your medications, please bring your prescription)


Personal Items

Deodorant (non-aerosol)

2 sets of twin bed sheets

Safety Razors (disposable)

2 pillow cases (fire retardant)

Bath Soap

Blanket or Comforter

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Laundry Detergent

Shampoo/Hair products

Hairbrush/ Comb

Writing Materials

2 wash cloths

Mouthwash “ no alcohol

2 bath towels

A lock (pad/combo)

Stamps and Envelopes

Shower shoes

**********Any item containing alcohol will not be allowed***********

Anything not listed will not be allowed, including:

Tobacco products


Drug Paraphernalia


Aftershave lotion

Expensive jewelry




Open-toe shoes

Scissors, Knives, Straight Razors


Clothing with alcohol/drug slogans