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Residential Treatment Programs for Men, Women & Families

Residential Treatment for Men and Women

Our adult residential treatment programs provide 24-hour care for up to six months.  The focus is on helping the men and women in treatment relearn or re-establish healthy functioning, skills, and values as well as to regain physical and emotional health.  Our program also encourages the involvement of friends and family in the journey to recovery. Since a substance use disorder and associated recovery are very much interconnected with family and friends, we encourage them to visit during specified days and times while their loved one is in treatment.

The Women's Residential Treatment Program is located on our Main Campus.  It has 88 beds in dorm style sleeping quarters with shared bathrooms, inside and outside lounge areas, a group dining room, laundry facility, outside recreation area, and much more.  Read below about our family duplex for pregnant and post-partum women.

Our Men's Residential Treatment Program is located at our Quest House Campus.  It has 132 beds for adult men in four large dorm areas with shared bathrooms, inside and outside recreation areas (including a gym, game room and basketball court), a group dining room, laundry facilities and much more.

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Throughout treatment, a number of services to support recovery are available including:

Educational services including literacy (TABE) testing, a GED program, access to adult technical and educational programs, and an onsite food service certification training program.

Vocational services including counseling, interviewing coaching, resume writing and job application/placement services.

Family education, child care, medical care, assistance with applications for public assistance and county health plan coverage, transportation to appointments in the community.

Our treatment program is comprised of phases which provide individuals the opportunity to progress in treatment by meeting specific goals.  While all phases include individual counseling, group therapy, and random drug screens, the Intensive Treatment phase also includes vocational training, work readiness training, employment referral, and education regarding identification of consequences of alcohol and drug use.

After the Intensive Treatment phase, the Employment/Reentry phase includes a more defined focus on the development and enhancement of Life Skills (including budgeting, interviewing & good work practices), the development of problem solving skills and interpersonal skills, and the application of principles to effect personal change in thinking, attitude & actions.  This phase continues to increase the individuals responsibility to his or herself and family, by beginning to integrate skills learned into their life. This phase also includes having the individual seek employment, find housing, and integrate recreational activities, with an additional focus on allowing clients the time to experience stressful new situations while under the guidance and support of a counselor.  As they progress through treatment, individuals will be encouraged to keep practicing their new, healthy behaviors while adjusting, and to develop a support network that will serve them after they leave the program.

Family Residential Treatment

Understanding that treatment works better for women if they can live with their families while in recovery, we are pleased to provide a family housing residential treatment option to pregnant and post partum women who qualify.  This option includes all the elements of standard residential treatment, plus a variety of groups, including safe baby, parenting education and community meetings, and access to on-site childcare, healthcare and other community resources.


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