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Vocational Services

Recognizing the importance of a stable income in supporting ongoing recovery, this service provides individuals the opportunity to attain placement in a job that fits the client’s needs and supports their sobriety as they progress through treatment. Many times individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder have difficulty due to gaps in their employment history, limited career goals or lack of vocational skills.  This may be due to not enough formal education including obtaining a high school diploma, minimal training or vocational skills.  Our onsite vocational specialists maintain relationships with employers in the community and assist clients in recognizing the necessary skills required to obtain employment. These skills include but are not limited to creative thinking, problem solving, reasoning, responsibility, resources, and listening. Classes are offered to the clients in an effort to assist them with preparing resume, conducting online job searches and filling out job applications via our computer lab, as well as obtaining appropriate clothing for job interviews. Simulated interviews are held in order to prepare the client for difficult questions that may be asked in an interview. Presentations are offered quarterly to the clients for budgeting, banking, building credit, legal questions, and navigating public transportation.  

As part of our vocational services we also offer supported employment. In addition to vocational services clients that receive supported employment work with an Employment Eligibility Specialist who builds relationships with community employers to assist the clients in becoming economically self-sufficient. Job Readiness groups are held weekly to assist the clients with economic self-sufficiency goals.