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Benefits of Family Support

There are two types of support: primary and social support. Both are equally important. Primary support systems are made up of people who are closest to us. These are the people we can be open and honest with and who knows us better than anyone. We depend on these people to be with us through the good and the bad.

When talking about primary support, we are usually referring to family. Even if the relationship is strained, family is important. Especially during recovery, if an addict doesn’t get that support, it can cause even more emotional pain.

After years of dealing with an addicted person, the way you react to that person has changed. Maybe you start to make excuses for that person, or your expectations are unrealistic.

This is why we encourage counseling for family members. Addiction in the family causes a lot of emotional hurt, pain, and anger. These feelings don’t go away because someone became sober.

It’s difficult to repair the damage done in the relationship if you continue to carry these negative feelings with you. You need to find a resolution, so that you can be at peace with the past and move forward.

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