Adolescent Services

DACCO’s Adolescent and Children’s Programs educate youth on the consequences of alcohol and drugs through our prevention programs. We provide youth and caregivers with tools to build healthy relationships and to practice responsible thinking. We address issues such as self-esteem and anger, as well as mental health issues that may impact their well-being.

We are experts in the treatment of addiction

Our staff includes a team of experts in addiction medicine including physicians Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, as well as licensed mental health counselors and certified addiction professionals. Our staff is in tune with current trends and participate in ongoing training relating to substance involved youth.

Our youth treatment programs in Tampa and Brandon is specifically designed for adolescents 12-17 years of age:

(2 hours per week)
8-12 weeks long
Intensive Outpatient Treatment
(up to 9 hours per week)
8-12 weeks long


*For Intensive Outpatient Programs
If treatment is indicated, most insurance is accepted with sliding scale fee available.
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