Youth Services

DACCO’s Youth Services program is dedicated to providing quality services to youth and families of Hillsborough County. Our services include an array of positive youth mental health support and evidenced based substance use prevention curricula. The Youth Services program also offers; screening, assessment, referral, substance abuse treatment, accountability, monitoring and intervention services for all Hillsborough County youth and youth involved in court matters. Our services are designed to support youth in reaching their full potential in their community, school, and work.

The Youth Services Prevention programs are designed to help individuals develop; a positive self-image, effective coping skills, education and career goals, substance abuse refusal skills, social skills necessary to avoid high-risk behaviors, effective interpersonal relationships, and strong family bonds. Prevention Counselors and Specialists work to stabilize families and children so they can begin to reach their full potential. Each Prevention program serves a different target population and all Prevention programs are free of charge to Hillsborough County residents. Click here for more information about our Prevention program.

The Youth Services Adolescent Outpatient program is designed to treat adolescents ages 12-17. This program educates youth on the consequences of substance use and the addiction process and assists with developing supports for ongoing recovery after treatment. Clinical staff provide group and individual counseling that promote responsible thinking and mental, emotional and behavioral well-being. Mental health issues impacting the well-being of youth involved with the program are also addressed with a psychiatric assessment as needed. Click here for more information about our Adolescent Outpatient program.

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